Corsair Pride
The Corsairs program has been around since 1966. We have a saying "Once and Corsair, Always a Corsair". We have created a family atmosphere where we teach your children good sportsmanship and life values while teaching them how to become the best athletes possible. Weather it's football or cheerleading we want to be the ones to guide your child's future. 

Hello Corsair Family,

The board has come to the very difficult decision to opt out of the 2020 season. Please read the following knowing that it was heart wrenching for all of us to come to this point. We were well on our way to providing a quality cheer/football experience while performing the necessary health checks and record keeping that goes along with that. The best part of our plan is (I feel anyway) that we were a safety first leadership team. Protect our families first- cheer and play after.

Unfortunately, the other organizations and communities are not operating with the same mindset (to say the least). The feedback we received last week at the OMYFA meeting wasn’t just discouraging, it was upsetting. Some of the clubs were either willfully ignoring the safety protocols or were stating they were unaware that health checks were even required. One club even stated openly that if one of their players tested positive for COVID, they would not quarantine anyone but that player. This is reckless, and is the reason COVID numbers increase in certain areas of our state, country, and world. The fact that we cannot trust the other clubs to do the necessary safety protocols (which would not only protect their families) but MOST IMPORTANTLY – OUR FAMILIES, is shameful. To be clear, it was the blatant irresponsibility of these other clubs and the lack of leadership at the OMYFA level that forced us to opt out. We just couldn’t put our families at risk week in and week out knowing that safety was not everyone’s priority and that also, there weren't any penalties or punishments for the clubs who were being unsafe.

No one knows what the 2021 season will look like- it’s too far away. But, what we have all learned over the last 4 months is that we have to protect ourselves and each other the best that we can TODAY. We did not come to this decision lightly. We LOVE OUR ORGANIZATION AND THE FAMILIES WE SERVE. I am sure we feel the same as a lot of you do. We are doing the same things that all of you are doing. Loving and protecting our families the best that we can, every day.

Community Outreach

We did a bottle drive and the community really stepped up! We have raised $1,558.80 so far!!!! We are always open to listening about new ideas on how to help raise money for our program. Please join us at our board meetings with any ideas.

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