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Corsairs Mission

Corsair Pride

    Welcome Waterford Corsairs Youth Football and Cheerleading families and friends. Weather you're a returning player, first year participant or just a Corsairs fan. We'd like to extend our greetings to you, and hope that this season proves to be a fun and rewarding experience fro all that are involved.

    We believe that we have one of the best youth programs in the area- both in terms of competitiveness and values. Our success depends upon the commitment to excellence from our participants, coaches, and parents. 

   The goal of the Waterford Corsairs Youth Football and Cheerleading program is to provide all children quality instruction; teaching them the meaning of good sportsmanship, teamwork , and cooperation. Most of all, we are here to have fun. Our job, as parents and coaches, is to facilitate a fun learning experience and to lead by example.

    Waterford Corsairs Youth Football and Cheerleading is a volunteer organization and our success is only because of the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and families. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all family members who have or will volunteer their time and talents this upcoming season.

   Lastly, we thank you for trusting us with your most treasured "possession" your child. A safe enjoyable, and rewarding experience for your child is our number one goal. We thank you for your interest and continued support. It is our sincere hope that we have an exciting and rewarding football and cheer season. GO CORSAIRS!



The Corsairs program has been around since 1966. We have a saying "Once and Corsair, Always a Corsair". We have created a family atmosphere where we teach your children good sportsmanship and life values while teaching them how to become the best athletes possible. Weather it's football or cheerleading we want to be the ones to guide your child's future. 
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