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    The overall mission of the Waterford Corsairs is to promote an on-going youth cheer
program to inspire its participants with the ideals of sportsmanship and physical fitness.
More specifically, the Corsairs will provide a program oriented to quality supervision and
safety mindfulness. Our program is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of youth
cheerleading per MHSAA and OMYFA guidelines and rules, all while allowing its
participants to grow with confidence, pride and spirit in an atmosphere that fosters these
attributes both on and off the field.
    If you would like to be part our cheer team now is the time. You won’t want to miss the
many opportunities that the Waterford Corsair Cheer has to offer. We welcome all
cheerleaders both male and female to participate in this amazing program. We teach fundamentals of cheer while making safety our number one priority.
    For our little ones enrolled in our flag league (1st and 2nd grades) Ages 5-7. We will choreograph a cheer/dance routine that will be performed at the end of the year
competition. Along with learning jumps, chants, halftime routine, teamwork and
beginning stunting, they will also attend once a week gymnastics class. This is a great
place to start to determine if your child may have a passion for cheer.
    Our older cheerleaders who are on FRESHMEN (3rd and 4th grades) Ages 8-9
JUNIOR VARSITY (5th and 6th grades) Ages 10-11, and VARSITY (7th and 8th
grades) Age 12 & 13, will have the opportunity to learn a halftime cheer, which will be
performed on game days, sideline cheers and chants, level appropriate stunting, and
attend a weekly gymnastic class.

    They will compete with a choreographed cheer and dance routine at our OMYFA Cheer Off held at the end of the season. We are excited about the upcoming season and can’t wait to meet your cheerleader. 


Practice wear: Athletic shorts, T-shirt, Tennis shoes, Navy blue sports bra.

Game day items will be purchased as a team









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