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Welcome to Waterford Corsairs Cheerleading!

Ready to sign your cheerleader up? Here is a little bit about our cheerleading levels: 


Flag Cheerleaders: cheerleaders age 5-7 (must have turned 5 by August 1, 2024) who will learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, such as  jumps, chants, teamwork, a halftime routine and they will begin stunting and tumbling. We will be choreographing a cheer/dance routine that this team will perform at Cheer Off in November. This is a great place to start to determine if your cheerleader has passion for the sport. 


Freshman (grades 3-4 or ages 8-9), Junior Varsity (grades 5-6 or ages 10-11) and Varsity (grades 7-8 or ages 12-13): These cheer teams will take the fundamentals they already know and continue to grow them. They will continue to work on jumps, chants, and teamwork, while also making progress in difficulty with stunting and tumbling. These teams will also learn a halftime routine performed at football games, as well as learning their round one and round two for the Cheer Off competition in November.


Our Mission: Our mission as the Waterford Corsairs is to teach, inspire and promote youth cheerleading with the ideals of sportsmanship, physical fitness and passion. Our cheerleading program will provide quality supervision and safety mindfulness while being dedicated to teach the fundamentals of cheerleading per MHSAA and OMYFA guidelines and rules. We allow our cheerleaders to grow with confidence, pride, spirit and passion in an atmosphere that fosters these attributes on and off the field. 


We are so excited for the 2024-2025 cheerleading season and are ready to put Waterford Cheerleading on the map! 








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